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The final touches are being added to the largest planned projects for 2010, which involve improvements on all aspects of double glazing, replacement windows and doors, including energy efficiency. At present we are analysing all possible scenarios in conjunction with various suppliers. On this note a small management group visited Fensterbau (the largest window and door trade show in Europe) to see what the rest of the world has to offer and to help us to verify our proposal.

The whole wide world of windows and doorsThe show was nothing short of amazing, anything and everything relating to the window and door industry was on show. Suppliers and producers from all over Europe and the Far East were at the show, some of which aim at specific areas of the market such as fingerprint-operated door locks and completely automated air vents (which monitor air quality within a room).

New machinery suppliers from the Far East offered alternative machinery - from glass furnaces to complete production lines for either PVC or Glass. At the other end of the scale, suppliers offered alternatives to existing products - putting some suppliers in a competitive arena for possibly the first time. One particular offering was of great interest to us with regards to the energy ratings (watch this space)!

Health and safety has and always will be one of main priorities, and to enhance and support our manufacturing functions we have recently organised two Health & Safety courses both held onsite and by external providers. The first was an IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety & Health) for several Managers / Foremen, who all successfully completed the course.This will afford Managers yet another useful tool in their Health & Safety tool belt. The second course was first aid in the workplace refresher course of which all first-aiders successfully passed their theory and practical. Both these courses were kindly supported and funded by the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

We are also adding to our growing number of apprentices on site - at Safestyle, we consider this a great opportunity and a helping hand towards that first all-important step on the career ladder. We have been recruiting apprentices in Glass, PVC and in Administration/Customer Services, and these people will be on board and part of the Safestyle team very soon.

28 April 2010

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