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£500,000 Revamp Secures 130 more jobs

Windowstyle UK, the manufacturing arm of the Style Group, the independent UK replacement window and door retailer, has announced a further 500,000 investment in new plant for its facility at Wombwell in South Yorkshire.

It follows the recent arrival of a 2m state of the art glass toughening machinery and will lead to a significant increase in new jobs.

The Windowstyle operation, which already covers more than 18 acres with factory units over 121,000 square feet in total, is the area's largest single employer and the latest developments will give it the capability to produce 6,000 frames and 15,000 sealed units per week.

The latest half-million investment will see new equipment installed in three key areas. Firstly there will be a 130,000 upgrade of existing profile machinery utilising new technology for the manufacture of the company's new 'Vogue Diamond' double glazed windows, which have exclusively sculptured frames. The new machinery ensures window corners are cut with strict accuracy and edged cleanly.

There has also been a 300,000 investment in a cutting and machining centre, which is a similar size to half a football pitch and ensures the manufacturing process is more time-efficient whilst dramatically improving the quality and efficiency of products. In the past frames have been cut individually and then extra holes for such as hinges and handles added separately. The new machinery enables both jobs to be done at the same time.

Finally a new 65,000 quad welder, which automatically squares up all corners when welding the joints of frames, has been installed. This will further improve product quality, reduce waste and create cost savings.

On the jobs front it is anticipated that the workforce, currently standing at 550, will be increased with immediate effect. Windowstyle is looking to attract a further 130 employees during the current year, half on a full-time basis and half on contract.

Nick Lilburn, Managing Director of Windowstyle UK, explained the expansion and investment: 'Our manufacturing facility is very impressive and has constantly grown to meet the demands of our well known retail subsidiary, Safestyle, which has seen rapid development nationally in the wake of its popular celebrity-led television and radio advertising campaigns.'

He added: 'This new big investment in Windowstyle will undoubtedly help us to maintain our position as a leader in a very competitive marketplace. Importantly it is excellent news for the local economy in South Yorkshire, not least on the jobs front. It will also enable us to continue to grow and meet increased demand as house and property owners make the change from traditional wooden products to the cleaner and easier to maintain PVCu frames and doors.'

Pictured: Up and running - Windowstyle's new 300,000 cutting centre produces the perfect finish for Managing Director Nick Lilburn (right) and colleague Paul Jagger (left).

Pictured: Up and running - Windowstyle's new 300,000 cutting centre produces the perfect finish for Managing Director Nick Lilburn (right) and colleague Paul Jagger (left).

9 February 2007

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