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New lorries to follow in safe style

Britain's ever growing lorry-spotting cult has a new challenge this month with a unique set of liveries to watch out for.

This follows the introduction by the Yorkshire-based Style Group of a fleet of six new articulated vehicles worth almost 1/2 million with exceptionally lively and easily recognisable star-studded livery.

The Style Group is an independent manufacturer, supplier and retailer of PVCu replacement windows and doors, and this month has introduced a further six new articulated lorries to its countrywide transport fleet. The vehicles have 40ft trailers which will distribute more than 6,000 windows and doors a week to the 12 Style Group depots across the United Kingdom.

Pictured, ready for the road: Style Group's Chief Executive John Ross (right) and Transport Manager Steve Moxon (left) check out the latest 1/2m eye-catching additions to their transport fleet. The company says that the new fleet will be one of the most easily recognisable on Britain's extensive road network with distinctive liveries throwing out a new and interesting challenge to passing motorists and pedestrians alike. The sides of the trailers will feature a long, flowing message including the company's famous retail 'Safestyle UK' logo and free-phone number. These lead gracefully along to fun-packed rear door areas which will have a series of six different designs and messages strongly featuring the leading stars of stage and screen renowned for their roles in the company's television and radio campaigns.

The stars include top-rated comedy duo fresh from the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle, Cannon and Ball, former Coronation Street personality, Ken Morley and assisting them will be the Style Group's own Jeff Brown the "Window Man" and self-built canvass coordinator-cum-TV personality, Bonny Brough.

John Ross, Chief Executive of the Style Group, explained: "The new addition to our already extensive fleet will give the Group bigger and better distribution of our market-leading products and, of course, increase our overall efficiency. Most importantly they will be a strong and memorable addition to our high profile marketing campaigns. The rear door areas will be most eye-catching by featuring the stars of our every-day award-winning advertising. Cannon and Ball get two designs with their popular television message 'Pick up the Pigging phone' but with the equally strong and safety conscious line: 'But NOT while you're driving'! Ken Morley also gets two with Jeff Brown and Tommy Cannon with our own Bonny Brough all portrayed with different 'BOGOF' messages.

"In today's world of increasing grid lock, the new vehicles have not only been designed to create interest but also remind our customers of the dangers of using mobile phones whilst driving. They will also provide the lorry-spotting brigade with something completely new to look out for in 2006!"

21 January 2006

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